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Individual Counseling/Therapy

Individual therapy consists primarily of one-to-one sessions with the assigned therapist. The goal is to identify individual issues, patterns, and dynamics of behavior that are interfering with healthy relationships and living; and to identify and utilize insight and strategies that can result in positive change and growth.

Children & Adolescents

The staff at New Life Resources, Inc. work with a broad range of behavioral, emotional, cognitive, learning, and medical disorders affecting children, adolescents, and their families. Based on a face-to-face confidential diagnostic interview, a personalized treatment plan is designed that serves to inform you of what to expect from care and what procedures will be utilized. Our staff has extensive training and experience in the most effective cognitive and behavioral treatment approaches. Read More

Couples / Marital Counseling

Our clinic and staff recognize and value the importance of marital relationships. Our staff are trained in marital therapy and when individual therapy is needed, we work as a team to provide the most effective help.

Step/Blended Families

A stepfamily is defined as a household in which there is an adult couple, at least one of whom has a child from a previous relationship. The stepfamily journey is becoming more familiar to each of us. Fortunately the path of the journey is becoming better defined and there is help for the struggling stepfamily. We have staff with specific training and expertise available to help you through this important journey.

Group Therapy for Adolescents, Men and Women

We have found that the dynamics within Groups to be powerful and effective in facilitating the growth/change process within the individual. Our current groups are: Read More

Sexual Addiction

Problematic sexual behavior has been around, it seems, since the beginning of Man. Examples are littered through our history, from David and Bathsheba of biblical times to famous celebrities of today. Many of us have troublesome sexual behaviors or patterns that we fear we may need help to adequately deal with. We try to deal with it ourselves, hoping the next attempt at recovery will be better than our last attempt. However, because of the overwhelming shame and fear of discovery, we usually suffer in silence. We fear that if we seek help we will be labeled a sex addict; we fear the consequences that might come if we disclose our struggle. Read More


A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive examination of abilities as they relate to brain functioning. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify the unique strengths and limitations of the person and relate these to known syndromes, disabilities, or brain disturbances. An essential component to the evaluation process is to provide treatment recommendations that can serve to promote recovery, management, or compensation for identified limitations. Read More