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Problematic sexual behavior has been around, it seems, since the beginning of Man.  Examples are littered through our history, from David and Bathsheba of biblical times to many current celebrities.  Many of us have troublesome sexual behaviors or patterns that we fear we may need help to adequately deal with.  We try to deal with it ourselves, hoping the next attempt at recovery will be better than our last attempt.  However, because of the overwhelming shame and fear of discovery, we usually suffer in silence.  We fear that if we seek help we will be labeled a sex addict; we fear the consequences that might come if we disclose our struggle.

The reality is that these behaviors won’t just go away on their own.  Our repeated and failed attempts to stop are telling us that we need help.  Research says that the struggle tends to get worse over time, either in an escalation of our behaviors and/or in the emotional/relational toll it takes on our lives and our marriages.

If you find yourself in this situation, call us at New Life Resources, Inc.  Recovery is possible and we would love the opportunity to walk alongside you in your journey towards recovery.

At New Life Resources, we approach sexual addiction as a team effort.   Groups are available at NLR for the sex addict as well as for the partner of the sex addict.