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Is it Time?

Maybe this page finds you for the first time…maybe it’s the tenth.  No matter where you are in your process, we are glad you are here. Deciding whether or not it is the right time to seek help can be difficult and nerve-racking. That voice that says you should be stronger, try harder, or just pull yourself up by the bootstraps is a hard one to silence.  The hope is that there is a stronger voice that has led you here, and it is time to give that voice a microphone.  Here are some things to know to help amp up the volume.

One of the hardest steps is having the courage to take the first one.  We hope you can acknowledge that you are trying your absolute best, and in fact, have utilized what you know to be your resources to manage this.  When these attempts have not been effective, it is time. This is not because you are defective, broken, or crazy. On the contrary, you are choosing to seek goodness and healing; a loving and wise act.  We all encounter the same world – one with great joy and beauty, but also pain and suffering.  With many opportunities to let the pain block and distort beauty and truth, we may sometimes get stuck. The cost of avoidance can be great, and although it may help temporarily, a wound that never heals is a wound that is continually vulnerable.  So here is the good news: there is hope.  Life can be better; in fact, it can be great, and you can live well.  Wounds can be healed, forgiveness can be given and received, and balance can be restored.

Whether you feel stuck regarding a phase of life concern, or have struggled for what feels like forever in a place of despair, the time is right.  You have the courage to take this first step.

Step 1:

Contact us today and let us know you are interested in receiving services by calling (262) 782-1474 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, or emailing us anytime to begin your journey today.  During this phone call, or in response to your email, our staff will ask you to provide some basic information, including whether or not you will be utilizing insurance.  If so, you will be asked to provide information available on your insurance card.  There are cash pay options available if you will not be utilizing insurance.

Step 2:

From here, an intake therapist will contact you to help facilitate scheduling your first appointment.  This critical step is essential for the following reasons: You are not a number. You have unique needs regarding the concerns you would like to address. The intake therapist will work to understand the nature of what you would like to address therapeutically in order to pair you with the right therapist.  This is based on a clinical area of focus, availability, as well as your personal preferences and comfort level (for example, you may feel more comfortable seeing someone of a certain gender, clinical focus, or specific scheduling availability).  You will also go over the financial options according to your specific circumstances (whether utilizing insurance or cash pay).

Step 3:

Once you are scheduled for your first appointment, complete the paperwork in advance for ease of mind.  Simply click here to download, print and complete client forms and bring with you to your first appointment.  Once you arrive, check-in with the front desk if during business office hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).  If you are seeing your therapist after 4:30 p.m., simply take a seat in the waiting room and your therapist will greet you at your scheduled appointment time.  If you do not have access to a printer, simply arrive 5-10 minutes prior to appointment time to complete the paperwork before your session.

We look forward to walking alongside you on your journey towards greater health and healing. Dare to hope that life can be better; in fact, it can be great.