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Individual Counseling/Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy consists primarily of one-to-one sessions with the assigned therapist.  The goal is to identify individual issues, patterns, and dynamics of behavior that are interfering with healthy relationships and living, and to identify and utilize insight and strategies that can result in positive change and growth.


Our clinic and staff recognize and value the importance of marital relationships. Our staff is trained in marital therapy and when individual therapy is needed, we work as a team to provide the most effective help.

Step/Blended Families

A stepfamily is defined as a household in which there is an adult couple, at least one of whom has a child from a previous relationship. The stepfamily journey is becoming more familiar to each of us.  Fortunately the path of the journey is becoming better defined and there is help for the struggling stepfamily.  We have staff with specific training and expertise available to help you through this important journey.